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  • I need an oppinion o nhow to design some stuff for my game, It'd be great if someone could PM me. thanks in advance
    that's if you want to of course
    Why not create a thread?
    So I've been playing kingdom hearts alot and if I was in Org. XIII using my real name, I would be called Exburne, Basicly an anagram of your name with an X added, Whats yours
    Does anyone one know of an excellent story based game, here on the forums, Playing the walking dead gets you in the mood for these things
    hey guys, I am Hoarding my one pieces and all my friends one pieces on to my new laptop, and soon I will have every episode, I am willing to spread it ao all via drop box, DON'T pm me about it yet though, wait until It's finished. And yes I know one piece isn't finished new eps come out every week
    alright guys, I know this is a bit late, seeing as how it's the 24th now (for me) but I feel left out if I don't tell you all, yesterday was my birthday
    Bird Eater
    Bird Eater
    Ah, sorry about that, but hey, it was after the apocalypse so we didn't deem it as necessary... Plus, if you're desperate for people saying congratulations, why not post this on every forum you can find?
    Happy belated.
    Whadda let down, I was looking forward to fending off some zambies this christmas. IT'S A DUD YOU CAN COME OUT OF YOUR SHELTERS
    Finally recovered most of my essential data, now I can finally start making rpg's again. announcing the new one; Walking, details on blog soon! blog on profile!
    ok, it has been an hour since the start of the end of the world started, here in Australia. . . no sign of any sort of destruction yet. I'll keep you posted
    yep. although, if the world were to die, I bet it would do it a few days before the suggested time, as to screw everyones "party cause we're gonna die" plans
    Lars Ulrika
    Lars Ulrika
    Never underestimate Godzilla. He's just waiting to start on schedule.
    haha It's a good thing he prefers rampaging in japan (sorry japanese people) other than Aus
    I love this weekend, Friday, Relatives are coming to visit (the awesome relatives), Sunday = Birthday, Tuesday = I think you all know
    I would like to say my farewells, I have just been informed that I only have 8 days left, I'm sorry everyone
    WOO, Rpg maker on steam, I would definately pay 70 for that, and then I'll pay another 70 to get a box copy
    Oh lols, I just watched the one piece episode where young Ace is trying to say hello, he was supposed to say "Hi I'm Ace nice to meet you" or something but he went right badassly ahead and said "Who the hell are you?"
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Steam is going to be forcing me to update my desktop OS for Mac. It's a good thing that my laptop is Windows otherwise some of my work and a lot of game save files for 32-bit games would become unusable for a while.
Last day in Florida and then we head home. It was a fun, relaxing trip with just the wifey poo. Still managed to make some progress on my Game Jam project though.
Never fully realized that I had this account, nice start
On NEOLITHIC's 2nd Steam Anniversary, we walk on the path of Gabe's blessing. :p
What might the petitdevil be thinking right now?
And did you leave all your love and comments on the advent calendars today already?

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