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  • Power went out while working on my project, and did that good ol fashioned file corruption! My last backup was 2 weeks prior. Uggggh...well that's going to set me back a few more weeks, but I don't give up once I've started something.

    *pours adult juice in a cup*
    ooh - any chance you still have those corrupt files and I could play with them?
    Dang that sucks. :( There's been times I had to exit out without saving and had to redo hour of work. But 2 weeks? Damn. Sucks that happened but at least you should have the knowledge it should go by a bit faster this time.
    I’m just thankful I had that backup.

    @Shaz I replaced the corrupted project files already, unfortunately.
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    "Build Better Characters" by Eileen Cook is a great read if you want better characters! It was intended for novels/book writing, but it's easily transferable to games. The exercises are really good.
    "It wasn't me. You succeeded because you found the strength inside of you that I always knew you had."

    -When that first draft of dialogue hits you right in the feels. Maybe a little cheesy out of context but that's okay ;)
    Opening up your world map once you unlock a ship for your player is exciting, but it's also so tedious to go back and check every single nook and cranny, not to mention changing NPC dialogue.

    Game Progress: 60%

    Waiting for my awesome commissioned artists before releasing a demo. There is really some great talent on these forums.
    Looking forward to putting out a demo in 1-2 months. Right now, my games 50% done. I’ve gone over this 50% polishing it about 3 times. But I’m also crazy picky about making it perfect.
    I don't mind '' play testing for you '' I can make a video hopefully you can get something from this certainly helped me.
    Well that's really nice of you! When it's ready to demo I'll be sure to let you know :)
    I was in the same situation and having people test my game was KEY to it's polished release, and even still I've had to update it twice since on minor things or upgrades. Your welcome.
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