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  • Some local cursed and attacked me because I said children should learn copyright....
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    This kid got public recognition thanks to their sibling and sibling's ignorance, they are soooo denial and cursed everyone when we told them at least put the credit or admit it. They are proud of it and claim instead trying to tell the kid not to trace (in soft way ofc) for next time and don't post it online. Some of her traced art are from BL comic and I'm afraid of when people normalizing tracing someone art.
    fyi east asian artist are so sensitive when it comes to traced art.
    I did tracing for studying back then and I always tell them "I'm tracing it from this comic" and I never post it online.
    super slow progress. :dizzy:
    How do you cure sleep problem? It has been 7 months and it's 3 AM now..
    There are no foods(to my knowledge) that are an actual source, but you could probably get it can as a supplement at a store that sells vitamins. Fun fact: You body produces it naturally, it's a hormone that helps one sleep!

    I suggest doing a bit of research about it before depending on a supplement, just in case.
    By the way, rekkatsu... Are you a nervous person!? :s
    If not, then feel free to ignore me. Otherwise you might need to visit a doctor to get some pills to calm you down.
    @ Mystic_Enigma I just knew it now haha but I'll give a try. Thanks for your advice!
    @ kyonides I'm not a nervous person, I just tend to overthink unnecessary past lol Actually, I had visited a doctor and they gave me Alprazolam but It didn't work perfectly
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I've finished (most of) the sprites for two of my main characters, Ashlyn and Lizzabelle. And I've already drawn actual artwork of Lizzabelle and Suki months ago. I can't wait to show some of my stuff. I'm hesitant because their outfits aren't my own original design, which must be changed before I get too serious with this.
Heh, um. I've spent $1500~ so far for my game. Most of that went into purchasing some software I need, as well as some commissions. But still, I didn't realize I had spent so much since the beginning of October.

Do not trust me with money, lol.
Working on my first ideas for a tileset... I really don't know if anyone would like or even want my style.

Plus-size sprite continues! Front and back views done, or at least mostly there depending on if there's any more work you all think she needs. Once I get her done I can get working on her masculine counterpart:
My game is basically turning into a 2 on 2 fighting game disguised as an rpg lol. here's eveyone doing their own intro in battle.

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