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Time to open a new practice session.
I learned a lot about screwdrivers today while trying and failing to remove the hard drive from an old computer I intend to turn in for disposal. I really hate that there are so many different sizes of screws and none of my screwdrivers are the right size. This would make for an evil mini-game in a modern/futuristic RPG.
Should I make a new Twitter, or is it just this bad now? I didn't pay attention to it for like 3 years. And now my new posts have extremely low views compared to my old tweets. Or did I really get that much momentum from releasing my game and then drop it? :hswt:
Started moving house today. Putting everything in boxes. Listening to Mac DeMarco's new album. Feelin' groovy.
It's finally in a packageable state. You can play start to end, half-a-minute ordeal. I just need to fix some minor bugs and it's golden.
I'm so excited for this.
(please don't mind the windows overlay XD)

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