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  1. Happy Holidays Event

    Hopefully I am not too late, I was at work and just saw this post. My family tradition was when I was younger, we would all cook desserts together, such as "Reeses" peanut butter balls, creating it from scratch by making the filling into small balls, sticking a toothpick in it and dipping them...

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Woo! Getting another xray today. Much fun, very irradiated.
If the universe is so big then why won't it fight me?
Does anyone know the name of the game where you play as someone called the batter? I can't remember the name of the game...
Got my R-Tree working /o/

Also here's what it looks like in memory (kind of):

The label on the nodes is the bounding box for all the objects it contains (in this case, the rectangles that make up the walls on the room).
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