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    Gauge Action System v2.02 by Procrafynation Description Gauge Action System captures the OK button pressed down and fills the...
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    Procrafty updated the plugin to take care of this save corruption issue. I just think they forgot to update the version in their...

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Made some new friends, and blew up a puzzle... Happens. :LZSwink:
A new RPG Maker music pack is coming out soon! Below is a demo of one of the compositions in the pack, Heroic Battle. More details coming soon!

Trying to build a child-size body. Mostly happy with it except the sideview arms - can't get them to move quite right yet. Anyway, here's the work-in-progress, with an adult for size comparison.

I started in VXAce and I liked how the kids flapped their arms so that's why it's just flapping.
A character theme... finally posted some of the music tonight as celebration for 500 followers. I really like how this song came out.
Good night (or day) everyone! :kaohi:

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