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  1. Have an NPC respond differently depending on direction player interacts. RPG Maker MZ.

    Can you give me an example? I can't find it in the even menu anywhere but I am sure I am overlooking it. Edit: Nvm I found it! It was in conditional branch>page 3> character> player> facing down Thank you! Thread can be closed.
  2. Have an NPC respond differently depending on direction player interacts. RPG Maker MZ.

    Hello, I am working on a condition I want to implement in my game where NPCs and other events react differently if the player were to interact with the NPC, or any event, from via North,South, West, and East. Is there a way to do this? I am assuming some scripting will be involved which I don't...
  3. Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    Hello, thank you for these amazing plugins. I am having some trouble with keeping the animated layers bound to their position. When the player moves around the map, the animated par layers will move a couple tiles over instead of staying in position. I have a feeling I am missing a simple fix...

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