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  1. Genders

    I am currently working on just that: My next update will have all of the combinations available and hopefully working save images.. the step after that will be implementing menus in-game. Yes I know no images... but I am lazy and just pulling my hair out getting it to work 100% with...
  2. Might as well say hi!

    Would be nice... I have already improved it drastically (mainly by taking a break from it) but I am really looking for feedback on at least the functionalities
  3. Might as well say hi!

    Hi! I'm Reta.  Okay why is the default font a sans?  I'm a college student majoring in Computer engineering, blah blah blah, started working on MV plugins. To be totally honest I am only posting here so there is a higher chance a moderator will see this and approve this and my plugin...
  4. [Dev][0.2.0] Layered Actor Sprites - Edited 4-26-16 - Now with Images!

    Layered Actor Sprites v0.2.0   Pastebin: [Link] Please Check the Readme section of post before using. Well I finally decided to get to posting this for criticisms and the like so here it is. Currently this script has MANY flaws. I doubt it is compatible with the majority...

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Work on the Decepticon Seeker sprites is taking longer than I anticipated. I have five down: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Acid Storm and Nova Storm. Three left to go: Ion Storm, Sunstorm (needs rework), and Slipstream. After completing their walking sprites, should I wait to post them after I've done a transformation sequence?

Run, <null> run!
(sprite got butchered a bit while making gif file...)
Please, welcome to the stage...
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Ramona Albright! A 20-year old World Key Guardian in training (More about the WKG's soon!), She is very impulsive, which leads us to the problem of the game. OOF. Kinda wanna wait till you know how to use the friggin World Key, huh?!
Bust sketch here!
Little-by-little, keep improving your projects. That's how you finish them! ;)

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