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    The songs that get stuck in your head

    Friday by Rebecca Black
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    My manga room (3,000+ books plus figurines)

    That Naruto Manga takes me back to my days in middle school where the library had an entire wall full of manga, half of which was pre-shippuden naruto with about a dozen copies of each one because there were so many avid manga readers in school
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    The “How was Work?” Thread

    had a disagreement with management today, apparently they didn't know there was a wrong way to point out someone's alleged body odor problem...
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    Beautiful World Tiles

    Why cant the RTP world map tileset be anywhere close to this amazing? the seamless transitions without that ugly line in between is enough to warrant using this, thank you so much for sharing this amazing work!
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    Avy's MV Stuff ~ Newest: Flesh Cave (wip?)

    these are amazing! 10/10
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    Welcome! Always nice to watch our community grow with so many new faces.
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    currently playing through Final Fantasy 12, Zodiac Age edition. Its really nice to have it on PCs and modern consoles but i wish there was an option to playthrough with the classic license boards and not choose jobs for everyone
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    Call all Foodies and Lovers of Food!

    my favorite food is cheeseburgers, i have never not finished a burger except one time at red robin when the food and service was awful, since then i've learned how to make my own and never looked back
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    Deaths in anime, gaming, and manga

    At the Canadian border in Detroit: Become Human, the guards were doing checks to weed out androids, and I was forced to make a choice with only a few short seconds to decide and I chose to sacrifice Jerry...a few days later i looked up the other outcomes and learned the ugly truth: due to my...
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    How do you face Inspiration Loss?

    everything may have already been done already, but not all of it has been done well, for example: The Simpsons, they have done almost every possible plot for an episode, but the last 20 seasons or so have been a massive drop in quality that the first 10 seasons established
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    Needs advice on choosing a camera or a phone...

    this largely depends on what else you need a phone for, and what type of phone you currently have, while your old phone may be doing just fine, it will get progressively slower over time which will make the new phone seem much faster than it actually is
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    Your dreams on the next RPG Maker(RMMV updates or brand new ones)

    My want for the next rpg maker is simple, for the built in character generator to be non-chibi sprites, and for the option of having the front hair and rear hair to be different colors
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    teenagers drive fast like they're gonna die within minutes, while old people drive like they have all the time left in the world seriously though, Ive had hundreds if not thousands of people run out in front of me, over half of them deliberately doing it for the sake of committing insurance...
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    Is difficulty still a thing?

    This. so much this. most people who use that term simply dont want to admit that the game was poorly designed.
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    reasons why you think a game should be considered a masterpiece (one of the best)

    a game that is a masterpiece is usually one that pushed and maybe even exceeded any and all limitations on the hardware of the consoles they were on.

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