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    Halloween Bash

    Alright. I have decided I will do a Let's Play first. Then, I will do one of Halloween Flop. Then... I shall review.
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    Halloween Bash

    Okay, so I played through the game. And I really enjoy it! :D So, now comes the task of doing the Let's Play and the Review. But which should I do first? :|
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    Manifest - A complete 30 hour RPG, 4 years in the making

    Gonna give this game a try.
  4. RetroGamer9000

    Halloween Bash

    Review and Let's Play coming soon. :D
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    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    I always do. Yes, I will. Thanks for allowing me to do the Let's Play. Should I choose to, I will be sure to send you a link to the videos.
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    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    I might be up to playing this game. If I want to, may I have your permission to do a Let's Play of it?
  7. RetroGamer9000

    Halloween Bash

    If I play through this game, enjoy it, and want to do a Let's Play of it, may I have your permission?
  8. RetroGamer9000

    Once Upon The End

    Played and LOVE it. Thank you for letting me be a part of the voice acting. a Let's Play is coming soon.

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