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  • I'm not sure if it's an update compatibility issue because it's four years old or if I'm incompetent, but I can't get the code you posted here to work. Can you make it into a functional plugin for me? (yes, I am using the YEP_BattleEngineCore)
    @Kitdan7 Please make a thread in the plugin support section, as statuses aren't meant for asking for help. As Rexal hasn't been on in well over a year it's unlikely they'd be able to help you, but someone else could if you make a thread.
    Hello Rexal,

       I am hoping that you may help me with a problem I am having with your animatedSVEnemies plugin. I have no other plugins in my game you see, this one is the only plugin I've ever gotten, I apply and save the project, yet nothing seems to be working. I tried getting help from another by installing it at the same time, and theirs worked but not mine, and they too only have this plugin in their game. I was hoping that you could shed some light on this mystery I am having. If you can help, I'd be very grateful. -Mr. Tailson.
    Going to have to go on haitus for a while. Not sure when I'll be able to work on things again :/
    Just when I'm about to release my new plugin, I find out that there's still a couple of visual bugs I missed. *headdesk*
    The Visual Equipment's annoying me with bugs that keep popping up so I'm going to put it on hold and work on a plugin that lets you use whatever type of animated battler sheet you want instead.
    Since I'm so close to getting this thing done (just need to fix the faces not disappearing when they're supposed to...) The mystery plugin is a really powerful Visual Equipment script! Preview ->
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Proud on how this map turned out.

I just finally fixed a huge problem that wouldn’t let my game load and would crash it.. I thought that I was gonna have to trash the project and start over lol
The feeling when you finally found and killed that one gamebreaker that you could not really grasp before.:kaojoy:
Precious vet moments. Funny how smart animals are. They can tell what is happening especially a trip to the vet.

Rhythm game Super Hexagon. This looks hard as heck.

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