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  1. RMMZ Clothing Durability System MZ

    No need for a tip or anything like that and im happy i was able to help. If you need help with this script or any other script again just let me know ill be happy to help.
  2. RMMZ Clothing Durability System MZ

    if you are talking about the part where the durability has already been calculated then yes. A small trick that you could do is make a variable with the name of the armor and then make the name of the images ~armorSame~armorState for example let armorName = ""; function checkArmor(durabilty) {...
  3. RMMZ Clothing Durability System MZ

    Most H-Games like that get their scripts custom made for it and is really no universal script for clothing durability that all H-game devs use. You're best bet is to make the plugin you're self if you can or have someone make it for you. For a idea (probably not the best one) is to change the...
  4. RMMZ Renaming Game, In Game

    You could just do an event that has a script where inside you would put window.document.title = "apples"; but instead of apples you would put whatever you want.
  5. RMMZ Script line to check if the player is in a battle?

    The Game_party has a method inBattle that returns true if the player is in battle. to call it in the game you would do $gameParty.inBattle()
  6. RMMZ MV to MZ Compatibility question: Ammunition Plugin

    You could try this and see if this works and if you dont want extra plugins in a really bad and quick explanation the rectangle problem is caused by any making of a window as...
  7. Event triggered by follower touch? (MV)

    I found that the HimeWorks's Follower Event Touch works. It may seem like is not working since the event has to process a move before the it actually triggers. here is a image of a event using it And here is a vid of the event working
  8. RMMZ SOLVED! Help with Window_selectable on scroll making items of undefined.

    Thank you extending Window_command works well and has no issue with scrolling and as for making a new scene i will now since i got the window i wanted to figure out first working.
  9. RMMZ SOLVED! Help with Window_selectable on scroll making items of undefined.

    I am learning how rpg maker makes windows and upon trying to make a selectable window that scrolls once the window starts scrolling and you press the up or down arrow the game proceeds to make a bunch of items with the text undefined. I was wondering how to stop this and get the window to...
  10. I'm getting a script error, but I haven't touched the scripts?

    How many actors are in you're game right now ?
  11. RMMZ Shop inventory limited item stock for MZ

    you could try using this
  12. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    thanks i figured it out after asking by just doing some inspection of other plugins.
  13. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    IGNORE THIS: THIS IS WRONG: With some testing you could change $gameVariables.setValue(57, $dataItems[index].id); to $gameVariables.setValue(57, window.$dataItems[index].id); as that seemed to stop the error and give what you wanted.
  14. RMMV Time system on MV

    try this then
  15. RMMV Time system on MV

    Do you mean show a message that doesn't interrupt the game and allows the player to keep moving, and after a short amount of time the message ends?

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