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  1. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hello I'd like a skill to deal more damage when the others party members are lacking health. For exemple. If they all have 0 hp it does 100% of the attack normal damage, if they have 100% hp it deals 0% of the attack normal damage, and if one have 25%hp and the other 75%hp it would deal...
  2. Shield States

    Hello I do not fully agree. While some sort of regenerative armor would be nice, states are more fluids, more like forcefields. The big plus I see is the player is able to change states with skills, adapting to the enemy and the situation. An exemple : Facing two enemies, one with fire...
  3. Shield States

    Hello. This script is great and give me some good ideas of use. Could actually be the center of a whole system in a way. Now though I'd like to ask for a few additions I'd love to see, especially for skills  - a skill tag which would make it heal the shield and not simply renew it. Like...
  4. Getting the sprite from the base people into the character generator

    Hello. Is there a way to use the graphics of common people (called People 1, 2, 3 et 4) into the generator so I could change the face and hair and create different people with them? I guess it's not possible with the battler graphic but... perhaps only the character graphic? 
  5. Choice Options - Fine-tune your choices

    Hello. Is there a way to hide a choice if a specific actor already knows a specific skill. I'm trying to do a trainer NPC and i'd like to hide the skills the actors already know.
  6. Placing balloons icons over images

    Hello. I'm using overlay images and they appear over Balloon icons when I use them. Is there a way to modify the Z entry of every balloon icons?
  7. Use an item without ending a turn?

    Mmm I just saw there isn't any default way to seal item use. I found a way around though, using yet another script from tsukihime : Custom Use Condition. With the script on, put this tag on each item you want to seal : <use conditions> formula: !astate?(X) </use condition> Where X is the...
  8. State group removal

    Hello. I'm searching a way to easily remove a bunch of states. I'm creating skills which removes defenses, or which removes benefits effects (like booster states). For exemple. A medic's purge skill which purge all alchemical effects from the target. Or a Rogue's Diversion skill which...
  9. Use an item without ending a turn?

    Hello. If you don't want to use the whole free turn battle system from Yanfly you can also use his Instant casting script (Sorry I doesn't manage to create links in this forum). You put an <Instant> tag in the item comment box and it makes it instant. I use this a lot. For the second part...
  10. Scripts Incompatible with Luna Engine

    Hi. Just a compatibility report (so others won't lose time like I did) I had compatibility issues with Hime's "Skill type groups" script. If Hime's script is before Luna : The skills appear correctly in the menu, but not in battle. If Hime's script is after Luna : The skills appear correctly...
  11. Showing who's active

    Ha I see... I only have the first luna for now. I'll download it again. thanks.
  12. Showing who's active

    Hello. I search a way to show who's active when an actor do something. I'd like to use something similar to the attached picture. I tried to see if Luna have an option for that but couldn't find it. It works for action selection (like in the picture) though. and in Subteranean starfield I...
  13. Problem with cheap ressource edition (copypasting)

    Using paint worked all right, thanks! I just had to finish with gimp to create an alpha canal, and make sure the character alignement is good with the grid. Thanks again.
  14. Problem with cheap ressource edition (copypasting)

    Hi. I'm not sure it's the best place to send this but I didn't found another fitting forum. I'm trying to copypaste two characters from one character sheet to one other with Gimp 2. But when I do the paste command, the colors of the characters are modified (and ugly). Does anyone know how it...
  15. Battle Luna : Execute command window

    Ha ok!! I searched throught Yanfly Ace battle Engine but forgot about his command script! Just disabled it. Thanks! 

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