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  • Oh man I've been struggling with event spawners and Qmovement compatibility for quite a while- went as far as to use a tool just to pick crops :kaocry: but Ritter got their spawner to work with Qmove and I'm screeing! It's still in testing period but just- the feeling of getting over a large gameplay hurdle is a HUGE relief, I'm so thankful to Ritter! It's a cheap paid plugin but totally worth it!
    Ever feel like you're about to ask a question and are just missing the answer by a sliver, even though you just spent an hour looking for a solution? :kaoswt:
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    And then fifteen minutes after asking, I finally figure it out myself.
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    Sometime I feel ashamed to have bothered people for stuff that reveal so easy.
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    @KakonComp Ain't that the truth!
    @Featherbrain LMAO literally every time!

    @Dororo I read an article recently that even senior employees still ask questions and that most of the time everyone is missing pieces of the puzzle, we can help people with the piece we have and they can help us with theirs.

    Here's a preview of a new dragon I sprited today for my game~
    Gotta say I think this is my favorite dragon I've designed so far, I reeeaaaally wanted to do a lava serpent!~ :kaoluv:

    Design/image (c) Riazey
    What is the most mildly infuriating thing to happen to you so far this year in 3 words.:kaosigh:
    Jumping Spider Keyboard

    This is a Smoking/Covid/Political/etc free zone! Only wholesomeness allowed.
    Sprited my first tree for my game last night, I was worried cuz I did it in bed on my phone but besides the outline being a bit light I am pretty happy with it! But deciding on a foliage style is a huge step toward making all the other foliage bits!
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I'm having a headache balancing the combat using flat defense so I'm gonna use percentual armor, in this pic, Simon has 16 on Defense which means all the incoming damage will be reduced by 16% this will ease my burden a bit.
!Have a nice day everybody¡
SO glad they patched outer worlds for switch! I can finally play it! Weird that other peeps are still having issues. I know it was really chugging on my lite when it first came out.

Particle waterfall is best waterfall. :LZSexcite:
Yosh! Senkara made a fourth video on my game.
This time, finding all the false endings. :LZScheeze:

P.S, his thumbnails are absolutely epic!
GOBBLE GOBBLE! Happy thanksgiving.

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