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  • Meu objetivo é criar novas amizades com desenvolvedores de games específicos do RPG Maker MV.
    Hi and welcome! This is an English speaking forum. Please make all posts in English (use Google Translate if needed).
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I was just too curious, so I tried to solve the problem by roughly writing the specifications of the RPG Maker style system (like a programming language).

I can able to see that ChatGPT-3 understands the problem well and proposes a solution according to the specifications I defined.

Adobe Premiere just crashed so hard it broke my GPU drivers sending me on a DDU quest. Why does this company with it's awful software subscription model and bloated software still dominate the industry? :rolleyes: Can we collectively agree to not support this company any more?
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struture-wise, my game operates more like a beat 'em up than an rpg. so each area of the city you run around in counts as a stage when you first get there. A silhouette of the boss/bosses will be in these stage intro pics, along with the stage name.
I still do this kinda stuff and I think this came out really, really well. Solo violin really helps this piece shine.
Currently at beginner level, checking tutorials on YT and Skillshare

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