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  • After spending some more time with MZ, I can say that it's clear that MZ is the superior engine as compared to MV, and it's worth the upgrade. It may be a little shy of some really big game-changing features outside of MV, but the performance is a huge upgrade. With MZ, I can have 50,000 pushed items into the databases and saving times will be decent. Doing that with MV is a huge problem when saving databases.
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    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Oh! Sorry. You're just waiting on a 3D plug-in to be developed then.
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    @The Stranger I will still be working on the project. I can still do a lot until a 3D plugin arrives for MZ. For the meantime though, I will have to make databases as flexible as possible including giving shops their own databases instead of reading out of the main DB so that when they refresh, they can be cleared and restocked. You can't do that with the main DB without causing problems.
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    @The Stranger However, this only slows down the process. Eventually, save times will grow longer and longer.
    Well, I ran into a bit of a problem with my Might and Magic inspired project. I decided to make my own independent item and random enchantment system from scratch. I did a test of adding 9999 random pieces of equipment to the databases, and does saving a game ever slow down. With shops (including refreshing them), random independent treasure, etc the databases will increase quite a bit over time.
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    Wow. Refreshing a boatload of items mid-game would seem to do it. Is there any workaround, or anything you can cut for the random items?
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    I was thinking of making a script to delete items that aren't present or being used from the databases, but then it would affect the ids of all of the items in the party. Ex: The actor has a shortword before the deletion of an unused item. The actor has a longsword after the deletion of an unused item because the ids change. I am not sure if any workaround at this point.
    I got some good work done today on my Final Fantasy Legend (Gameboy) inspired MZ system. I have implemented independent weapons, spellbooks, armor, and items. Weapons, spellbooks, and items have usage amounts like in FFL. I'm going to finish off with the esper system, and then it's time to populate the database with monsters, abilities, etc.

    Such an unusual game to build a system for. Interesting. :LZSexcite:
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    @ImaginaryVillain I worded that all wrong lol! I edited the post to reflect on the changes. The project doesn't have a title yet. What I initially meant is that I am creating a system for MZ that is based off of Final Fantasy Legend for Gameboy. It's one of my all-time favorite games.
    Oh that's what I thought you meant. I rather liked FF Legend 2 & 3, never got around to beating 1. Sure I could beat it now.... but old school Gameboy * shudders * no amount of nostalgia can get me through that many hours of those graphics. :kaoback: Pretty cool you're making a system for MZ though . :LZSexcite:
    I've been playing around with MZ over the last few days. I'm creating a Final Fantasy Legend (Gameboy) system for it. The image below shows how the esper race gains stats. You have a random chance to gain stats and learn or lose skills. For humans, you buy potions to gain stats. You can also potentially have any monster in the game as a character in your party.

    I'm spending the weekend working on my Might and Magic inspired project. I'm getting some good progress done. I'm currently just populating the first region with monsters, treasures, and other events. The first city is already complete with instructors, shops, etc.

    I really like MZ! The music and art is really good, I like the new animation system, and I love the new character generator and battle system! Also, I really like the layout of the new RPG Maker Web store.
    Just some updates on my Might and Magic inspired project. I have implemented the MM training system into the game. If you don't have enough gold, then you don't level up! Also, treasure chests now have individual inventories. Eventually, there will be scenes (visual backgrounds etc) when interacting with NPCs.

    Traps, detecting traps, and disarming traps including treasure traps have now been implemented into my Might and Magic-inspired project. If you don't want to get hurt, you better have a character who focuses on the perception skill, and you better have a character who focuses on the disarm skill!

    I've been pretty busy working on my Might and Magic inspired project. I've got the code for instructors in place, and I just finished up with the trap and resistance tests. The project is going very smoothly. I'm also learning more about Javascript which is helping out a lot. Arrays, they are your best friend!
    I'm so amazed at this ABS plugin for MV. This is a plugin that can literally fulfill my biggest game dreams, creating an Ultima VII-like game. Below is a video of a quick scenario I created to test out the plugin. The music in the video is my own composition.

    Despite time and all the other things I am working on, I decided that I am going to start a Fire Emblem-like project. Follow your dreams! I'll just have to balance hours efficiently. I'm also not making this as complex as my Might and Magic inspired project, so it will be a much easier project to work on.
    Besides my Might and Magic inspired project, I have always wanted to make a Fire Emblem-like game. Time is the culprit... Between life, composing music packs, and working on a game can it be done!? The tactical plugins for MV work quite well based on what I have tested.
    I got most of the shop mechanics setup for my Might and Magic inspired project. Items have stock amounts, and shops are randomly populated with goods. They reset and restock with new goods after a little while. I just have to finish implementing the merchant skill.

    Some more updates on my Might and Magic inspired project. New magic schools, new enchantment types, and more. Catherine is one of the main characters of LOE. More detailed info below in comments.

    My Might and Magic inspired project is coming to MV. Below are some early screenshots.

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