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  • It's been almost two years since I last released a RPG Maker music pack, but I finally finished up with my upcoming album, Megan's Despair. I submitted the files today! Next on the list is to finish up with my other upcoming album, Prelude to Alisa.
    Megan's Despair, my upcoming RPG Maker music pack, is fully composed. I'm just finishing up the promo art, and then I will be submitting the album.

    A preview to my upcoming RPG Maker music pack, Prelude to Alisa. Prelude to Alisa is a musical album and introduction to a larger album that I'm currently working on, Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars. The album tells the story before and up until the events of Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars.

    A preview to my upcoming music pack, Megan's Despair. Megan's Despair is an album that tells the story of a teenage girl named Megan who struggles with severe depression.

    I'm finishing up the album art for my upcoming music pack, and then it's time for some more details and demos. I'm about 70% done composing it. After that, something else is coming. A sequel to one of my currently released music packs! The album art below is a hint.

    RJS Music Pack Art.jpg
    It's been about a year and half since my last RPG Maker music pack release. It's been a while and I have had some setbacks, but something new is coming.

    I've been busy working on my next music pack, and I've also been busy composing some personal compositions. Depending on the type of mood and setting, sometimes I just really love the sound of music created in lofi mono. It has its charm.
    Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars. Join Alisa, a quiet girl with a heart filled with love and hope, on her journey to prevent a calamity. My next RPG Maker music pack is my largest and most focused pack yet. It's a musical story that focuses on a young heroine named Alisa who has been assigned the ultimate task to prevent a calamity.

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    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars Forum Topic:
    I got some more work done tonight on my next music pack, Prophesy of the Falling Stars, a part of my Symphony Celestia series. Since it's a story told through music, it's going to be larger than my other music packs. It's also going to cover a variety of different types of themes.
    Well, it's almost a new year. Although I haven't released much for music packs in 2020, I have been working on multiple music packs at the same time. I have some planned albums for 2021!
    After spending some more time with MZ, I can say that it's clear that MZ is the superior engine as compared to MV, and it's worth the upgrade. It may be a little shy of some really big game-changing features outside of MV, but the performance is a huge upgrade. With MZ, I can have 50,000 pushed items into the databases and saving times will be decent. Doing that with MV is a huge problem when saving databases.
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    The Stranger
    Oh! Sorry. You're just waiting on a 3D plug-in to be developed then.
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    @The Stranger I will still be working on the project. I can still do a lot until a 3D plugin arrives for MZ. For the meantime though, I will have to make databases as flexible as possible including giving shops their own databases instead of reading out of the main DB so that when they refresh, they can be cleared and restocked. You can't do that with the main DB without causing problems.
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    @The Stranger However, this only slows down the process. Eventually, save times will grow longer and longer.
    Well, I ran into a bit of a problem with my Might and Magic inspired project. I decided to make my own independent item and random enchantment system from scratch. I did a test of adding 9999 random pieces of equipment to the databases, and does saving a game ever slow down. With shops (including refreshing them), random independent treasure, etc the databases will increase quite a bit over time.
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    Wow. Refreshing a boatload of items mid-game would seem to do it. Is there any workaround, or anything you can cut for the random items?
    Richard John S
    Richard John S
    I was thinking of making a script to delete items that aren't present or being used from the databases, but then it would affect the ids of all of the items in the party. Ex: The actor has a shortword before the deletion of an unused item. The actor has a longsword after the deletion of an unused item because the ids change. I am not sure if any workaround at this point.
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