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Composing, game creation, art design, poem writing, classic rpgs


Megan's Despair
Megan's Despair is a music pack that tells the story of a teenage girl named Megan who struggles with severe depression.

Prelude to Alisa
Prelude to Alisa is a musical album and introduction to a larger album that I'm currently working on, Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars. The album tells the story before and up until the events of Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars.

Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars
Alisa: Prophecy of the Falling Stars is a musical story that focuses on a young heroine named Alisa who has been assigned the ultimate task to prevent a calamity. The music in the album will focus on many different themes including emotional, battles, exploration, and more.



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hi all. Is this video working for you? It's published on YT but i've had people say they can't view it?!
I finished Partitio's final boss. While everyone else's final boss was either a human, a monster, or a human that turns into a monster, his last boss was a Train. Yep. I had to beat Thomas the Tank Engine senseless. So I guess I DERAILED Roque's evil plan. A plan to turn down 80 billion leaves (aka dollars). To become the richest man? To sell the rights to something he has already made and planned to mass produce.
Sometimes its scary to have this ability to "tune out" the world. Like... if I get 100% invested in something I'm doing, I can go like 24 hours without eating or even feeling pain. But, the moment I disengage from the activity... the stuff hits me again. It's subtly terrifying.
Is there anyone here who had a very hard video game they took years to beat as a kid? When I was ten in 2004 I got a Game Boy Advance for my birthday and that same year I got a game of "Stuart Little 2" for Game Boy Advance from my parents. That game was so hard that I literally couldn't finally beat it until years later when I was in my mid-teens! XD

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