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  • Hello, richardkim_co.

    I loved see you singing hairspray theme. You have an incredible voice.

    I don't know if you are active, but i would like you help me composing a song for my game. Actually, game last scene and credits.

    In my story there's a couple called Edgard and Agatha; they fell in love at first sight, but couldn't live this passion because he was on mission. Many months, later she decided look after him and starts a journey.

    After many events, she finds him. If the player activate some special events during the game, a special cutscene wil be watched: The moment when they finally stay together and kiss.

    The language must be English.

    I was thinking that you could be inspired by the song (if it really help) named "Os corações não são iguais" by "Roupa Nova". It's an old schooll brazilian band (but I love their music).

    You can change anything. I trust your talent.

    I hope it is possible.

    Thanks in advance.
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