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  • OK after a major overhaul of my 3D project, got the forests started and re-did my textures, found out they weren't the optimized sizes so I had to resize them and by consequence had to re-do the model UVs to fit the new sizes. Will have new pics in a few days
    The only problem with breaking the mold is that you no longer fit anywhere...
    Life won't stand still for anyone...drifters never drift upstream, always down
    Moral of the story...Defy gravity and drift towards the sky!
    Neon Black
    Neon Black
    Personally, I do multi track drifting in a train.
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I discovery new English word "Secular religion" today It is oxymoron word. Now, I wonder how many English words create per year?
Is it normal that I love a game that I can't even play due to how bad I'm at it?
Anyone have advice for recruiting friends to bugtest with you? I had some buddies volunteer without me asking, and we agreed on dates and times... and they all just flaked...
A mousefolk sprite I made, I think I did good.
Discovering math. functions for damage formulas was one of the greatest things for me.
It's very useful for balancing skills to work in a variety of possible circumstances.
For example if you have a skill that is supposed to work for both mages and warriors:
Math.max(a.atk * 2 - b.def, a.mat * 2 - b.mdf)

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