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  1. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    engine core was required but it works now. this forum can be closed now!
  2. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    Can you provide a link for it?
  3. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    outside of battle it updates normally. it's in battles that's causing the issue.
  4. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    Only one I have on is community basics
  5. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    Look the first post's screen shot, the very top screen shot is it.
  6. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    No plugins. Here's how I got it setup.
  7. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    So I'm eventing my own skill level up system via common events and what not. It works fine but ooooone little issue. I have it to where in the skill's description, it displays \v[1] to be the variable to showcase how many you need to level up the skill. Problem is, despite the skill adding to...
  8. Costume Change via Events (solved)

    Well... it's not through eventing, I basically have it set up to where you gain a costume as an item, which is linked up to a common event. Basically you need 1 costume to change back to the default outfit, and 1 costume to change into a new outfit.
  9. Costume Change via Events (solved)

    This topic can be deleted, I found a new way of making it work. Heck it even works in battles.
  10. Generator files for earless characters (for animal ears)

    Is this free to use in a commercial project?
  11. Battle Character Limit

    Yay :D
  12. Battle Character Limit

    Thanks dude! Now I just gotta wait to see if this is free for commercial use. I hope it is. ><
  13. Battle Character Limit

    What battle engine is that? Yanfly's? That'd be useful to do for my game... I just need to know how to increase the amount of rows, like you suggested. :)
  14. Battle Character Limit

    Question, is this plugin free to use for commercial games? I'm trying to make one, and I'm new at it... ^^'
  15. Battle Hud Request

    This can be closed/removed... I'm going to do something else for my game.

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