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    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    @Poryg The code goes like: var theArray = []; // segment of code that pushes values into it $gameVariables.setValue(1,theArray); $gameVariables.setValue(2,theArray); So I guess it's a reference still - thanks. I also edited my previous comment stating that I'm using the slice() method to...
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    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    A prior piece of code performs: $gameVariables.setValue(1,theArray); $gameVariables.setValue(2,theArray); Edit: So I'm using the slice() method to clone the array, eliminating the need of the second variable ($gameVariables.value(2)) - I can preserve the array after popping it. Still curious...
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    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    Thank you for the quick reply. I was wondering if it had to do with references - I'm familiar with the concept. Um, one mistake on my part. When I said x and y were the same, I meant, for example: $gameVariables.value(1) and $gameVariables.value(2) were both given the same values. My bad; I...
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    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    I've been working on a plugin I created and noticed something odd. The following is a representation of piece of my code: var array = $gameVariables.value(x); var array2 = $gameVariables.value(y); // x and y were given the same values //EDIT: I meant x and y represent different numbers, but...
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    How to identify current Version (MV)

    For the longest while I've been thinking "I'd have to update to and check out Version 1.5". Unless I forgot, I don't think I ever updated MV beyond version 1.3. However, when I check Help > About, it lists "Version 1.5.0". I'm confused because I don't have automatic updates enabled via Steam...
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    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    I doubt it, but does anyone know if it's possible for an event to detect the ambience "over" it from any point light sources? I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to achieve something like: an event behaving differently depending on how "visible" (how much ambience is revealing it) on screen.
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    Auto Shadow Tiles via Region ID

    Hello. I am trying to figure out - as close as possible - if it is possible to have a dynamic shadow system that varies using a variable (example: time) based on the shadow pen tool we have within the editor. From this thread...
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    Obtain Event's Sprite Filename

    Yes, both work. Thank you.
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    Obtain Event's Sprite Filename

    Is it possible to retrieve an event's current sprite filename? (such as "Nature", "Evil", "Monster", etc) [and also its sprite index number] Something like: $[this._eventId].spriteFilename (above doesn't work)
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    How to wait/pause until [...]

    @Andar @Bex Okay, so I tried implementing your suggestion, Andar, and it basically works - just need to fine-tune stuff. However my set-up involves the event-to-be-guided calling a common event to alter the player image, etc, then enabling a parallel event that awaits for a touch trigger...
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    How to wait/pause until [...]

    Hi. Is it possible for us to pause at a particular part in code until another condition becomes true? Or alternatively, prevent the playable character (and potentially other events) from moving until another condition becomes true? For example: > Text: Hello > Change Variable 2 = 10 > Wait...
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    Obtaining $gameMap event note property?

    Yea, I understood that. Under that reasoning was why I said I was confused. I've tested further and I believe the opposite is actually in effect, at least for me. Without the "~" it's returning the opposite result. So back to the example I used: 1) The game would create two new events (via...
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    Obtaining $gameMap event note property?

    I've tried if (/#{"<"+numA+numB+">"}/i.exec(...etc...) to no avail. I was trying to find "<Guest:Test>". Ideally I'd want to utilise numbers in those tags though. Luckily, at the moment, I've reverted to the old method $gameMap.event(id).event().note.indexOf("<"+numA+numB+">") And it...
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    Obtaining $gameMap event note property?

    Okay. I'd try using your suggestion above. Just one question: How can I make the note tag wording in /<Puz:StepSwitch>/i.exec($gameMap.event(id).event().note) be able to accept different entries? Such as <Puz:1>, <Puz:2>, etc. With my previous method I was doing...
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    Obtaining $gameMap event note property?

    @Shaz It worked. As for the ~, long ago somewhere on this forum I learned to scan event notes on a map via if (~$[id].note.indexOf("")) { } I can't remember if the ~ was explained or not.

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