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Introducing a new and exciting challenge mode!! Is our demo too easy? Did you get a rare pull and want to show off on stream? Please talk to the mysterious 2nd announcer who has 6 additional challenges PER ROUND! As a game developer, I struggled to complete some of the stage 2 challenges, so I hope you tactics fans have a blast!
AeroPergold wrote on Woratana's profile.
You gucci, Woratana?
so wild I came across a video about side-scrollers for RPG Maker and my game was used as an example in the video. I really felt honored to be honest.
hi all. Is this video working for you? It's published on YT but i've had people say they can't view it?!
I finished Partitio's final boss. While everyone else's final boss was either a human, a monster, or a human that turns into a monster, his last boss was a Train. Yep. I had to beat Thomas the Tank Engine senseless. So I guess I DERAILED Roque's evil plan. A plan to turn down 80 billion leaves (aka dollars). To become the richest man? To sell the rights to something he has already made and planned to mass produce.

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