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    When you make the plot of your game, do you go for a Dark or Light mood?

    Depends on the story I want to tell. The one I'm currently working on is light and somewhat comedic, the one I'm going to make next-ish is darker with light moments.
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    May Goals & Progress Thread

    Man, there's some serious progress here already! I'm wicked impressed with some of you folks. My primary goal for this month are extremely simple: finish enough maps that I can start properly eventing the game. On the side I'd like to work out something to act as the 'first day' events of the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @Slimsy Platypus I prefer the second one, but I think that's because something about the color palette of the first one doesn't jive with me. @RocketKnight I like both versions of your map, but for different reasons. They feel as though they're from two different genre'd games.
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    Female protagonist or Male Protagonist?

    @kirbwarrior You're right, it's definitely a nurture vs. nature thing. I do agree that there's a person affected by them, but I feel as though that person starts out very basic. That starting personality shapes the way you experience things and what you take from them, so it's far from...
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    Female protagonist or Male Protagonist?

    @kirbwarrior That's certainly a game I would want, although I can't speak for everyone. My apologies, I'm not saying there's not an individual person, a 'you', but the you who is inside was created BY the outside pressures in your life. I mean, it's very true that this is all my opinion, not...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @huubz It definitely sells that engine room feel, but something about the rotating circle drum looks off perspective to me. I don't know what it is, perhaps the shape of the wall above it? Or maybe the shadows on it's top. I'm not certain, but somehow my brain is going all optical illusion on it...
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    Female protagonist or Male Protagonist?

    Woah, dude, no. Unless you got 3.75 billion women together (half the world population) and asked all of them, you did NOT ask ALL of the women. In fact I'd argue that anything less than 200,000 is a poor sample size for any sort of question that is meant to be a statistical example of a gender's...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @huubz overall I like it, although I agree it's not the most generator like. The suggestion of connecting the two tanks is a good one, and if you add some sorry of thrummm sound or something it could sell the generator bit. But as a nitpick, if that's a monitor in the middle, the screen should...
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    Adrien's Modern Resources

    So I've been having to make new pieces or edit various RTP resources for my own game, and I figured others may be able to use some of them. Credit: For RTP edits Kadokawa must receive credit. If you'd like to credit me, please use the name AdrienRion. If I post any new (non-edited) pieces, I...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @AllyJamy I like it! The only nitpick I have is that the white flower in the middle seems very out of place as far as the color palate goes. Is that intentional? @Celianna Haha, there's no room. That door beside the kitchen leads out to the alley behind the house. Thanks for the feedback though!
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    < Variable Pool .. is this even possible? >

    I feel like I'm reading what you want a little bit differently from everyone else (and I may be completely wrong in my interpretation). From what I'm reading, instead of having 10 separate events to have 10 of the same monster on a large single map divided into rooms, you want to have one event...
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    April Goals & Progress Thread

    -Try and work out story details while at school Did what I could during that week. -Map the first three main areas I've finished three maps and have a fourth that is almost complete! -Write opening events and start setting up various needed variable counters I've started this but haven't gotten...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I made some changes to the town map part I showed before (moved some things around), and finished mapping out the main character's home.
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    Variables and switches in the database

    Well it isn't within the database, but there is the Event Searcher under the Tools menu, that allows you to open the variable and switch tables with all their names (and as a bonus lets you find all of the events that use them). It can't be used while the database is open however, so that does...
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    April Goals & Progress Thread

    So, some updates to my list: -Try and work out story details while at school Done with that week of school, got a little bit of story worked out but not as much as I would have liked. -Map the first three main areas (1/3 completed) I imported my first parallax map into the editor to make sure...

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