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    I'm trying to do a rolling boulder puzzle.. one single probleme!

     A piece of advice, if you do not use the autorun option for when your boulder is moving, (because the player can move the character at the same time as the boulder is moving) if the player walks around, it can actually change the direction the boulder will go.  The way I would do it would be...
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    having the player enter a forest area on the world map...

    I know I am not an expert on this and I am really new in this forum but, I would make something like an event that when the player touches it a message saying something similar to "This Forest is like a maze, if I enter it through here I would get lost quite easily." and place it over the edges...
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    Blurry Text

     Thanks Tommy Gun and Shaz for taking the time to reply. I guess it is like that and most people are just not bothered by it, I am because my eyes are not what they used to be, I guess I can blame getting older and being a diabetic ;) .  At least now I know it is just not in my Demo :D ...
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    What is the name you gave to your computer?

     I have been naming my computers the same thing since decades ago, it is not really a interesting name.  My computer name is ELF125 and was related to my first Dungeons and Dragons character :| .
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    Hello RPG Maker Web

    Thank you, have been reading the forums and learning a bit :D .
  6. Risewild

    Blurry Text

     Thanks for replying :) .  I just checked the Windows DPI just in case and it is 100% (Default), I also do not have any other font on any other program I use looking like that. It might be that I don't have the right font like you mentioned, but I assume it would use a font that is...
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    Hello RPG Maker Web

     Hi, I am a new user here and decided it is the polite thing to introduce myself.  I am Risewild, i was into RPG Making in the past, but I never really finished any game or anything before :unsure: . Now that a new RPG Maker was released I took the chance to get the demo to check it out...
  8. Risewild

    Blurry Text

     I just joined this awesome site and was curious about blurry fonts/text.  I have read the OP post and seems to me that he is describing a problem I also have, but that handy Plugin that Kenen posted unfortunately does not adress my problem.  My problem is that the RPG Maker MV software (the...

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