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  • i'm really sorry to bother you, but i wish to create a tent event just like nina888 wanted. The only problem is that i cant figure out witch steps you took in the common event section. ive looked at your one screen shot, and i just can't figure out witch things you selected to get where your at in your screenshot. I hope your willing to help.
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose and the character limit prevents the detailed reply that you need.
    Post your query in the thread you mention, or if that is either closed or is an old thread, post a new thread with the details of your query.
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You know, I sometimes ponder if working on the story and details is more necessary than the game itself. Its... technically work, just not direct.

Like for me specifically I never stop evolving the story based on what avenues I can approach in gameplay and then I get anxious thinking "hey good thing I thought about that now instead of later". Repeat ad nauseam.
World Of Final Fantasy Livestream~!
(Ft. Kaliga)
So my office building has 8 individually rented offices in it; 3 of which are social workers and 2 are marriage therapists... Unsurprisingly it always sound very angry out there. Glad I have my own private entrance. :LZSexcite: :thumbsup-right:
I wonder if there's ever been an art challenge that involves drawing faces from the generator.

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