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  1. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    It seems that equipment variance comes into play if you use Initialize on an ally as they're joining your party. Is there a work around for this? The RPG I'm making has very sensitive numbers for MP, so the average stat variance turns into a colossal game changer (the difference between having a...
  2. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Oh! Whoops. The order was way wrong. Thanks a lot!
  3. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Here you go. From this bare bones package, the game still freezes. Thank you for the quick response!
  4. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    In CTB, when I attempted to have a move that is both instant cast and moves the character into another row (more specifically, up 1 row to the front into melee range), my game seems to soft-lock. It doesn't give me an error message; my characters just kind of stand there. Also, the enemy...
  5. Proccing a Common Event upon Closing the Menu

    Yes, that's it! Thank you very much! EDIT: Looks like there's something wrong with the code, though. I see a whole bunch of </span></td> in places I don't think are supposed to have them.
  6. Proccing a Common Event upon Closing the Menu

    I see. That makes a lot of sense. Still, I'll have to plug around what I need; I'm still no closer to turning on a switch to run a parallel process any time someone closes the menu. There probably aren't that many uses for a function like that, but what can ya do. Thanks for the help...
  7. Proccing a Common Event upon Closing the Menu

    In order for the game to efficiently check equipment (that is, without resorting to checking every tick), I think I'd need a way to proc a common event any time the player closes the menu. The base game itself doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for, and I can't seem to find any plugins that...
  8. Proccing a Common Event upon Closing the Menu

    So in most cases, I'd have to proc a parallel process somehow; it wouldn't be an automatic thing per se. I wouldn't want to bog down all my processes by trying to keep a check every tick either, so plugins may just be the only way I can do it. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. Proccing a Common Event upon Closing the Menu

    Is there a way for the engine to fire a common event after closing the menu? I'm trying to have the game recognize any equipment changes made after closing the menu. In addition, I'd also like to have this same common event work in battle, but I'll try to hold myself until I find a solution...
  10. Graphics Changer

    Excuse me, I have a question about this plugin; I have no idea where I'm supposed to put any of the notetags!

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