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  • I believe I was under the name RPGCrafter07 last time. I was working on Blackened Souls and had a Demo on here for it. I had so much done passed the demo, then my house burnt. BUT I just got around to getting MZ and I'm starting a new project i call Blade Chronicle. homemade graphics and only parallax mapping. but drawing all these tall sprites are gonna take a while.
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KenKrath wrote on RPGMakerWeb's profile.
Hi there!! I saw my Valentines Video placed in the contest. I'm wondering if I placed 3rd or 1st though because my video was shown first but my name is shown as the 3rd video. Thanks for the opportunity :)
I found a book about game localization. It costs R$708,00 on Amazon. ;_;
I really wish my game was far enough along for it to be actually playable beyond certain aspects. I think I've crafted a really fun battle system thanks to ATB, fighting game, and Boost point mechanics.
Play test of my current progress on Happy Camper
Cutscene Contest Winners have been announced!

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