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  1. Need an Equipment Lv up Script (Simple one)

    Try this one: You will need the individual equipment script as well for it to work - it can be found via the link.  :)
  2. Altering Immortal State

    Works perfectly! Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate your help. Problem solved.
  3. Altering Immortal State

    Okay, thanks a lot for the response. Now, how can I check if an actor's HP is 0? As far as I'm aware, in a conditional branch you can check for the death state but if that is being resisted then it won't work. Am I missing something?
  4. Altering Immortal State

    Edit: I still think you've got the wrong idea. It's the state that I want to create, having an effect similar to 'resist state death' in the database. That means, no matter what skill your opponent uses, you will survive a lethal attack with 1 HP left, only if that state is applied.
  5. Altering Immortal State

    I don't think you've got quite the right idea. It's not a skill to set a target's HP to 1, it's a state that will prevent ANY skill from killing the user, letting them survive at 1 HP. Edit: I'm not sure what you're getting at. There's no formula box in the state part of the database...
  6. Altering Immortal State

    Right. I'm sure this topic is somewhere but I can't seem to find it anywhere. So sorry if this has already been asked somewhere else. What I'm looking for is to have a state where a target who would have been killed by an attack survives with 1 HP (think Endure, Focus Sash etc. in Pokemon...
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Thanks for the feedback guys - as a relatively new Maker it's great to have some comments on my work.  :) @adiktuzmiko - No, none of the trees have been stretched in any way. Maybe it's just the fact that they come from different sources and some have been blurred a little more than others.
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    A couple of screenshots of a forest I am working on: Not sure how they could be improved. If anyone has any feedback, feel free to tell me.  :)

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