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  • If anyone is paying attention to this... Signatures are broken.

    I can't edit my sig without adding a picture to it.

    I don't want a picture in the sig. Requiring one is REALLY strange.
    There is a forum bug area
    Thanks. I already reported it. :)
    Did you also do a search?  I'm sure I read a post (maybe in site feedback) talking about signatures, and it was resolved for at least one person.  There might be a few steps listed there that you can try.  It may not be exactly the same problem - can't remember that well.
    Hopefully this new forum thing gets ironed out sooner rather than later... /grumble
    Those aren't issues that will be "sorted out". WYSIWYG is actually easier than BBcode for me, personally. Though I get the gripes about not being able to use the source editor anymore.

    Notifications being deleted is a strange one; I'll suggest it to IPS. Were we able to in the previous version (I never deleted mine if you could)?
    Yeah, I would clear out my notifications regularly. Sometimes several times a day.

    There was a select all at the top, and a delete selected option at the bottom of the list of notifications.

    As for the WYSIWYG. I often used the BBCode view to fix formatting that sprang up randomly due to my own cut/paste and editing mistakes. With that option gone, it will take a lot more work to do.

    I appreciate the attention.

    What I meant by ironed out, is simply addressed. I haven't taken part in any of the topic discussion regarding the changes as I've noticed plenty of people share my issues/irritations. Thus odds are it will get addressed without my piling on. Or not, and I'll just learn to live with it. :)

    Beggars can't be choosers and all.
    When it comes to pasting things, hold control and right click. That gives you the menu to paste without formatting. But I hear you on the BBcode editing being lost. That's unfortunate, and it doesn't look like something they're going to re-add. 
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--- Food Ingredients ---

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F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
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: Really?

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