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  1. Help with animations on map.

    Thanks for the aswer! I'll try learn more about JS then.
  2. Help with animations on map.

    Hey @MushroomCake28 @Engr. Adiktuzmiko and others, Instead of creating another thread i'll make another question here instead. I want to create a simple combat Plugin that basically lets you play attack animations and damage Events wich also attack/do damage. So, i have some questions about...
  3. Help with animations on map.

    @MushroomCake28 Thanks, didn't knew i needed to Scene_Map stuff. I'll play around with it and see what i can do. I'm starting to learn JS but i'm familiar with C#.
  4. Help with animations on map.

    Hello. I'm just starting out learning JavaScript and what i'm aiming to do is the ability to execute animations on the map with a key press based on the equiped Weapon's Attack Animation with a offset parameter. How do i write a simple Plugin/Script like this?
  5. Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hi. This plugin seems great Galv! I'm basically just starting out with RPG Maker and i really want to use this in my project, but i don't know how to use it properly, so i'm asking if someone could upload a simple demo of this plugin, for the noobs like me to use and learn from it, what i need...
  6. Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    This plugin looks great. But i'm having this error: this._data.chaseCharacter is not a function Why is that?

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Its been almost 6 months since i've been here last and 5 years before that. the worst part is losing the game you were working on in a cpu fire.

Well time to go at it again.
my game is coming together im so happy
In this day and age, i might switch back to RMXP. I’ve lost faith in all the new plugins.
Wow it's been forever since I last logged in! I STILL want to make a game... I'll start it one day for sure!! It's a dream of mine.
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