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    email me in so we can talk thanks!

    email me in so we can talk thanks!
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    do you have skype? or email?

    do you have skype? or email?
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    Best video game battle system?

    Chrono Trigger bayonetta dark souls 2
  4. roiaa

    Videogames you're bad at.

    disaster while playing platform games idk why but it makes me really upset tho :(
  5. roiaa

    My Favorite Game Heroic Adventures

    Yeah agree with it really fun game!!
  6. roiaa

    Games With Similar Themes

    Final Fantasy Tactics Disgaea series Legend of Dragoon
  7. roiaa

    Can you help me find a game? (Camelia)

    try to play Moba, LoL, HoS , and ragnarok
  8. roiaa

    Simple Games, The Hardest

    Really hard as f killing me whhile playing really hard th0
  9. roiaa

    Favorite Non-Square JRPG

    Persona Series Fantasy IV Legend of Dragoon
  10. roiaa

    Random Battles (World Map) Yes or No?

    same one! ^ jakegamer217
  11. roiaa

    Neverending Stories in Video Games

    Temple run never ending game but addicting one and makes player to play it more and more, also angry birds
  12. roiaa

    Fight The Dragon!

    exactly! the levels are too easy and really really dificult theres no balance with it
  13. roiaa

    Video Game Characters You Adore

    Rydia- Final Fantasy 4 Stephen Randall - fall out The Yoshis - Cute creatures Vayne Katarina - lol
  14. roiaa

    Thoughts on a Magic the gathering RPG?

    I agree, most of the card games are very old.
  15. roiaa

    First RPG game you ever played

    Castlevania playstation 1

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