Im... hello...

I think just simple about me..

Everyone call me ron or ronde, why my nickname is rondchild ?

cuz I am a wonder child from the village another dimension, hwuhuehue....

I love talk about game, animation, and FINAL FANTASY stuff, *uhuk* *uhuk* *sorry capslock*

In rpg maker, I am prefer handling the art, eventing, and a little programming.

One more, i love make animation or editing video :)

If you wanna know about my work, you can check in

Now I 'm focusing on two projects rpg maker , which is Darkness of Hope Project and Kitten Mita.

I hope these two games can be released as soon as possible.

Art, programming, listen to bgm, make animation, etc.
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ohh man im ending oneshot now (im doing the last stepping puzzle rn) and the music is been thinking recently about how fast moments pass anxious thoughts combined with that music and comfortably sad...and want to cry internally
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