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    Where do I login?

    @Burgerland On 20.8. a change has been made in the store and it is only possible to download products purchased before this date via this link. This information is listed on the main page of the RPG Maker Web site. Products purchased after this date can no longer be downloaded this way. Now...
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    RMMZ Game Difficulty Plugin

    I asked a user from the Japanese forum to provide us with their SetDifficulty.js plugin. I am glad that he added it to our forum today. Set the difficulty level of the game arbitrarily
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    [SOLVED]Screenshot plugin that includes the mapID & mapName in its output.

    It's just a classic screenshot of the current game screen, not the entire map. The save function directly in the editor is used for the map.
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    [ATB Gauges] Haste And Slow Plugin

    I don't know if Triacontane will adapt his plugins for third-party plugins, because most of his plugins use PluginCommonBase.js as the core plugin, which is part of the official MZ plugins. His plugins are intended mainly for extending the official ones. I am rather convinced that he will not...
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    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (Torobo)

    @Kupotepo You don't have to worry about Slimmmeiske2, because she has clearly defined in her thread what she will translate for now - plugins delivered directly with MZ. So everything else from Triacontane is yours for now, but don't translate this Triacontane's plugin - MakeScreenCapture.js...
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    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (Torobo)

    @Kupotepo I was just afraid we would translate the same thing at the same time. :biggrin: Sometimes I add something, but I'm not as fast as you. I try to test it as much as possible before uploading it. I want to avoid possible complications with other users. And I see no reason, if you...
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    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (Torobo)

    Simple Dash Motion by Trb (aka Torobo) Translated from Japanese by rooge (1strooge) Version: 1.2 L.U.: 8/22/2020 Introduction: This plugin improves the running effect by tilting the character slightly and with moving up and down. It is suitable as an enhancement for default character sheets...
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    Degica has great discounts now on Steam too. MV & MV DLCs, VX Ace & VX Ace DLCs, and some DLC...

    Degica has great discounts now on Steam too. MV & MV DLCs, VX Ace & VX Ace DLCs, and some DLC for MZ with a 10% discount. So if you are missing something, you can catch up now.
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    Degica has discounts on Humble for games and older Makers. I don't know which A-train to choose. :-D

    Degica has discounts on Humble for games and older Makers. I don't know which A-train to choose. :-D
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    Allowing Vertical shaking

    Hope dies last. :LZScool: I found this here on the web waynee95's Plugin Collection. You must also download his WAY_Core plugin from the list first. I haven't tried it, it's up to you (I don't know if you haven't tried it yet).
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    Unlimited Enemy Troop plugin

    This can happen to anyone. Mainly that it's fixed. I'm glad that I'm not alone on the Japanese website, who fights Japanese through a translator. Keep it up. :wink:
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    Allowing Vertical shaking

    This plugin was released with MZ, you have it among the official plugins in the lunch folder - it's ShakingChange.js. To change to a vertical shake, set the switch number for it in the plugin.
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    Buy on Steam RPG MV or MZ

    I also use the Steam version and I don't have to turn on Steam at all if I want to use MZ. I will use the MZ shortcut on the desktop or run the MZ directly from the project folder. Steam does not start at all. This is a change from the MV. Even if you run MZ on steam, there is no longer a Steam...
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    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    I also don't know exactly what people who complain about a small amount of MZ RTP material have in mind. Almost no one really specifies it in the negative review, but I found one review where it would make sense - some do not recognize Busts as a regular part of RTP. The one of the negative...
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    Buy on Steam RPG MV or MZ

    I agree with Sharm, it is still a new product. If the MZ will be at a discount, then the discount will probably not be too big, as some expect.

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