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  • Hello welcome! xD i would like to ask you, i saw you were using moghunter battlehud, but im a bit new too so i don't understand how to call the picture change from face_1 to face_2, is it with a complement? or script in battle and how to write it? cause im getting an error, mi files name is Face_1.png and Face_2.png

    battler_face_name( ACTOR_ID, FIlE_NAME ) to
    battler_face_name( 1, Face_2.png )
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    Hi ^^ thanks Koichy :) I'm not sure if I can explain this in a short comment, but is that your exact code? I think you're getting the error because you should put "" around your filename, i.e. battler_face_name(1, "Face_2.png"). I think that should resolve your issue but if not, let me know and maybe I can put up another thread to discuss the issue. Gl ^^
    @Koichy Please make a thread instead of asking another user if you have a problem with a plugin. Besides the user possibly not being able to help in such a limited response, the status feed isn't the place to ask questions.
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    Oh i'm a bit shy to do that XD but ima try if i still getting the error, thanks to you both!
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