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  • Hello welcome! xD i would like to ask you, i saw you were using moghunter battlehud, but im a bit new too so i don't understand how to call the picture change from face_1 to face_2, is it with a complement? or script in battle and how to write it? cause im getting an error, mi files name is Face_1.png and Face_2.png

    battler_face_name( ACTOR_ID, FIlE_NAME ) to
    battler_face_name( 1, Face_2.png )
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    Hi ^^ thanks Koichy :) I'm not sure if I can explain this in a short comment, but is that your exact code? I think you're getting the error because you should put "" around your filename, i.e. battler_face_name(1, "Face_2.png"). I think that should resolve your issue but if not, let me know and maybe I can put up another thread to discuss the issue. Gl ^^
    @Koichy Please make a thread instead of asking another user if you have a problem with a plugin. Besides the user possibly not being able to help in such a limited response, the status feed isn't the place to ask questions.
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    Oh i'm a bit shy to do that XD but ima try if i still getting the error, thanks to you both!
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Seeing the new zelda stuff today, and seeing that they doubled down with the destructible equipment really reinforced to me that even AAA biggest games in the industry can be massive piles of actual dog ****. Gives me hope for us indies
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