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  1. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Okay that makes sense. Why didn't you have to use the "{" or "}" symbols in your coded version? You wrote the whole thing on a single line. Does that make any difference?
  2. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Oh sorry I didn't realized you had responded. Here was my incorrect code I tried to use. <Custom Establish Effect> if (this.isAttack()) { target.addState(71); } </Custom Establish Effect> I tried repurposing your original code you gave me before. I thought it might work because if the attack...
  3. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    And just like that it worked... I tried doing it myself and couldn't get it to work. Tried repurposing your previous line of code you gave me but to no avail. The funny thing is your line doesn't look that much different from mine. But you did use a different execution for it so I guess I'm just...
  4. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Okay I'm on it! Testing it right now.
  5. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Yes that's correct. Sorry for the late reply Naveed. You keep finding a way to sum up my request in a simple sentence. XD
  6. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Well I'm trying to make an enemy who is weak against standard attacks and I wanted to do that by having standard attacks afflict the enemy with a state. I don't want all my attacks to have the state because I don't want all my standard attacks afflicting that state. I want it to be a weakness to...
  7. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Okay nevermind I'm being a huge noob with this. Realized the reason the state was staying the same is because I had the state setting set to something else which was preventing the state to end. Thank you Shockra and Naveed for your help. And sorry for my noobish designing haha I never would...
  8. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Well now I have a new problem though. The burn state that got added doesn't go down in turns for some reason... Is there a way to make it function as though a normal state was afflicted. What's happening is that the state that was added via the code won't go away after the usual amount of turns...
  9. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Oh my gosh thank you Naveed. Haha I just checked and I think that solved my issue.
  10. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Well I tried again and got the same error. Maybe I should post all the code I'm using for the skill to clarify a few things. <Cooldown: 2> <Cooldown Steps: 10> <Row Only: 4> <Cast Animation: 0> <Select Conditions> Row 1 Only </Select Conditions> <target action> motion swing: user...
  11. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Okay. Well rearanged a few of them. This project is pretty old and as a result some of the plugins got shuffled about. Made the changes and am going to try again.
  12. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Sorry about the amount of pictures but it was the only way to fit them all on here.
  13. Yanfly Battle Java Assistance

    Okay I just tested it without the code and I think it might be a coding error on my end. I can't figure out from where though.

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