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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Thank you! Struggling to find things to put in the living room, it seems RMMZ does not have much in the way of tables, chairs, couches.
  2. Looking for a tutorial on how layering works?

    Hello, I've been looking around google for a tutorial on how the layering buttons work for RMMZ, but I can't find anything helpful. I am struggling to do a task that I thought would be simple, like put a glass from the 'C' tab of the indoor tileset on top of a dresser. The glass does not...

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Regret that I wasn't able to actually finish my igmc entry in time for the actual igmc. Will probably just offload it as a standalone thing.
I'm a master in procrastination and have finally decided to educate people in this art in a seminar in Calais. Please don't come. I won't be there.
Testing some of my custom battlers (they're all trash, sorry).

a friend of mines said I need an elevator pitch for my game. he then went and gave me his for his comic... then I realized I have no idea how to explain my game the way he did his comic lol.

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