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  • I respect people who can write scripts: now if I could only be guided on what they should be paid!
    It can vary so, so very much based on the complexity of the script you require.
    I have some funds saved for the task, but I don't want to go posting into classified and potentially waste people's time if it turns out I still need to save up a bit more... :( I asked about it in my own script request post but no comments yet!
    The worst that we'll do is tell you that you're offering too little for what you want. A lot of the scripters/coders around here are pretty flexible and can accommodate different budgets, so there's no harm in asking the question.
    I used my first scripts today! I was very nervous but if I keep learning I'll eventually get the hang of it!
    Wow, 11 am already? I should probably try and get some sleep...!
    I did that once xD when you're in the morning you aren't that asleep anymore haha
    Already sifting and editing ideas for my next game. The first one was fun. Now it's time to get serious!
    Watching people playtest your game is nerve-racking...
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    But it's good for you! Playtesters' jobs are to tell you what's wrong ANND how it can be made right (If they're experienced)!
    especially when you spot unrevealed bug but the playtester didn't see that.
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I am playing Momodora today and OMG this game is hard! o.o
Really happy to see people from Brazil doing an amazing game :3
Just noticed... I'm now called a Veteran not just Member...
Effervesce Fallacy™ - PV - C'est La Vie, for the best viewing experience, run the EXE, and adjust the audio via Options. The footsteps sounds are once again, barely audible. :frown: The PV only sounds as intended, if BGM Volume is set to 20%, or 40%, depending on your audio hardware.

Stream will be live shortly with some Gex 3! Tonight, I get revenge on the Buccaneer Program! Feel free to drop by!
-Updated- Lowered fog / found more problems :kaoswt2:

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