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  1. Play movie freezes the game.

    The thing is that you just assumes that I'm a newbie that don't know how to bug test. Not to sound like a jerk but if you read my posts I tell you that there's nothing wrong with the logic because there's no logic to be faulty. This bug happens when one event have 2 commands as I said already to...
  2. Play movie freezes the game.

    Thanks, well I don't think that he doesn't know what he's talking about and I wouldn't call myself a new user. But in this case he's wrong and there's no logic to show since the game crashes even if the event only contains two rows: show picture and play movie. I did also find out that smaller...
  3. Play movie freezes the game.

    To be clear with whats working and what's not working. No the problem is not as Andar assumes, I can call 10 play movies after each other using the common event without causing the game to freeze. I tested this when I removed the show picture command from the common event. However if I add show...
  4. Play movie freezes the game.

    Tested the same event without pictures and it worked 6 out of 6 times lol EDIT: Putting a wait 30 frames between the show picture and play movie commands fixed the problem as well So the problem was showing an image and playing a movie crashed the game for some reason, anyone know the reason...
  5. Play movie freezes the game.

    I tested the common event number 241 showed above, 10 times; 4 times it worked perfectly fine all movies played and I could move around afterwards and 6 times the game freeze and I could not press any buttons tried open the menu and moving around.
  6. Play movie freezes the game.

    Yes playing the movie alone seems to work, or I tested it 20 times and it didn't freeze one single time. But when I call common events after each other that same movie freezes, like I shown in the picture above, or it should be like the picture below. Failing event below Failing event below...
  7. Play movie freezes the game.

    I've tested the event it creates the same result, freezing sometimes and sometimes not. The common event are being called first line from an event on the map, and first line only still, need a new picture or the original event that produces the same result? As I've been trying to say the movie...
  8. Play movie freezes the game.

    Can you explain further? Timing problem what's that? Also how can a the system trigger the wrong if condition? Please describe further maybe provide some links with further readings.
  9. Play movie freezes the game.

    I'll give you a picture but it won't help just saying that it's a waste of time.
  10. Play movie freezes the game.

    On a side note this doesn't only happen in one event it's around 10-20 events that works sometimes and sometimes not and there's only conversations, play movie and pictures in the events. Some have if conditions which all have an else statement so it's not in the logic and as I said above the...
  11. Play movie freezes the game.

    That's not necessary since there's one if condition with an else statement so it executes one of the movies every time.
  12. Play movie freezes the game.

    As the title states I'm having problems with playing movies in my game. Yes I've read the documentation, which says this: The file formats that are playable depend on the operating environment, so please prepare the below 2 file formats with the same file name. WebM(.webm) MP4 (.mp4 encoded...

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