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  1. Releasing a soundtrack alongside your game from multiple artists?

    You can relax I'm not a criminal nor was I deliberately trying to be, so there's no reason to talk to me in a condescending tone. Just because the thread exists doesn't mean you have to respond. Shaz already made it clear, so I completely understood with her responses. I simply forgot to have...
  2. Releasing a soundtrack alongside your game from multiple artists?

    The purchased packs allow for commercial games, so I suppose I figured it also meant the distribution of the soundtrack as well. That was an error on my part. This makes me wonder how people would then be able to obtain the soundtrack? Or perhaps I'd just end up releasing the songs I am...
  3. Releasing a soundtrack alongside your game from multiple artists?

    This is something I've been unable to find clear information on. So for example, I have a few songs from a musician who made a few songs specifically for my game. Another musician allows free-use/edits of their songs, while another one's songs were obtained from a purchased rpg maker music...
  4. Strangers of the Power 2

    I don't see a price so it's free then?
  5. How to make Rpg Maker MV have manual updates(Steam version)?

    Thank you. I had to delete some new file that kept autoadding itself and replace the js folder with a previous old version, but it worked. This pretty much resolved every issue I had.
  6. How to make Rpg Maker MV have manual updates(Steam version)?

    Currently having issues with updates preventing me from even playtesting because of some JavaScript update/s, and I'd like to be able to just not deal with this anymore. Right clicking the software in the steam client and under properties allows me to change the Automatic updates settings as...
  7. Adding custom art to play during battle

    I created several animations using 25 or more frames that are gifs. Yes I can use a website like the one you provided, but was wondering if there's another way to convert them besides using a website like that.
  8. Adding custom art to play during battle

    Yes. I created my frames of "animation" on gimp. I would like to put them as a video into the game so that they're playable. I am familiar with the 3 frames of animation, etc. I already am doing that with my battle sprites. You mentioned something about "free utilities to bind the frame...
  9. Adding custom art to play during battle

    Hello, I've created several custom art that can be used as a "summon" or special skill on GIMP. At the moment, they are not able to be in the game as .gif. I tried adding them in as animations with the 192x192 cell grid, but it just didn't turn out the way I would like. I learned you need a...
  10. Need help getting this animated

    Oh I see, it requires a plugin then. Okay thanks I'll look into this. If anyone has any other ideas please post.
  11. Need help getting this animated

    I created extra animations on the sprite sheet for a specific character. For example, if my archer uses skill 32, this would activate the "thrust" animation I designed on their sprite sheet, then the thrust animation would play backwards, then play the "swing" animation slowly. Or skill 33...
  12. How to make a color-tile based puzzle?

    Yes, I'm not that familiar with script calls myself, but I can see that the numbers represent the location on the map. I would probably just use one, then on the else have it use the buzzer/no sound effect, etc. that you put. Thanks.
  13. How to make a color-tile based puzzle?

    I've played several games where there's a specific colored tile/block that can only be placed on the same color/specific spot(or the path only continues when it's on the same color). I found an example in this video. The puzzle(that you see in the thumbnail)starts at 12:31. Anyone know how...
  14. Am I being overly ambitious?

    Huge yes. Not gonna lie, usually you want to start small then move up to something like that as you improve. And by small I mean something you can finish in around 3 months or less.
  15. Sv actor animation action sequence question.

    Hi, so I couldn't find much online about this. Here's some info. On my custom sv actor spritesheets(yes they adhere to the game's specifications), I create extra "animations" in the unused attack movements. For example, if an archer uses "missile" then I'll create extra animations in "thrust"...

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