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  1. Tactics System

    My friend told me he wants a smoother camera movement when cursor is switching among the enemies.
  2. Tactics System

    So far I love the system except for some UI problems. And yes, like the second reply above said, the plugin is simple and easy to use. It is also different since it is more like FFT than Fire Emblem. Since it is close to finish, I think its still worth working on it. And somehow I cannot use...
  3. SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    another tactics system post brought me here..... I have been trying out this system, is there an option to skip animation during a fight?
  4. Tactics System

    To OP: " I wanted to try the game to see what changes I could make to the system. Unfortunately my windows pc is "dead".... So what is you feedback on this system ? What are the difficulties encountered and the major features missing ? " I figured I made the game too difficult, also I would...
  5. Tactics System Self promo....a demo made with this battle system. Still using the old version though. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- When I...
  6. RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    16-Jun-2019 Just a quick update, mainly for updated sprites and reduced file size. -Sprites from VX style to old style tall sprites. -Correction of dialogues.
  7. Tactics System

    OP embxii, I just posted my demo game in the "Games in Development" The post is still awaiting approval though. But so far I love the plugin. Thanks.
  8. RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    Hello everyone. So this is the first game DEMO I have made with rpg maker -- The Drones. Update: -Renewed the character sprites, since I think tall sprites look so much better. -Minor change to dialogues. -Will replace the tilesets later on as the project continues. Synopsis: The game is a FF...
  9. Tactics System

    Edited: i totally missed #201 for the change of range code. Btw, hope i can really finish my own game this time.
  10. Tactics System

    After using the battle system for a while, I would recommend two little thing: 1. would it be convenient to add third(or fourth) party allies/enemies, which are controlled by AI, but not really in our party? 2. Can I count the "Turn passed" ? For example, if I want certain characters to appear...
  11. Tactics System

    Just in case anyone need a victory function, I tried to make a victoryBattleTS function to trigger victory without killing off all the enemies. I modified the code as follow: Again every efforts go to embxii and thanks man. Of course, if there are any updates, the code may not be applicable...
  12. Tactics System

    I made a separate ACT/scene for the battle. I think its more tidy this way and prevent collisions.
  13. Tactics System

    Btw, is it possible to make a counterattack now? For example, in player's turn, player attacks enemy npc, at the same time after the attack, npc attacks back. This is the style for fire emblem.
  14. Tactics System

    I love you man, make me wanna start my first game after seeing this thread Btw, is there a 'canlose' battle now? It would be very nice to include it. p.s. My current little trick is to change the canlose from false to true

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