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    Order of Work - How to go about game-making?

    Basically, it is my first serious game, but I have created quite a lot of other unfinished/unpolished projects over a number of years, so technically, it isn't my first game. However, since I am becoming a lot more skilled in the arts (music composition, art, pixel art) I feel like making a game...
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    Order of Work - How to go about game-making?

    Hey all, while I was revisiting and discussing the work, plan, and general idea of our game with my team, I came across the question of how to go about ordering the work that we were to do. How should we create our game? Should we simply start from the beginning and work our way up, dealing...
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    Post Your Music

    Some epic stuff with bad instrument packs. Some over-the-top happy music.
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    Can I Use RTP Music in my Game Trailer?

    I don't see anything wrong with it. Technically, you own the music if you bought the program. I may be wrong though. Edit: I am wrong.
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    What is the worst part about game making?

    I think the worst part of game development (this only applies to small games with inspiration-driven developers) is that moment after playing four hours of video games/movies/TV shows when you realize that you were supposed to spend those four hours on your game, and you think to yourself, "I'm...
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    I would advise you not to. Honestly, my ability to edit is not worth the amount. For the amount...

    I would advise you not to. Honestly, my ability to edit is not worth the amount. For the amount of money the tileset costs, some people a lot better than me would be willing to make you custom art, whereas I would only be able to do simple edits. In fact, please don't buy the tileset for my...
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    Tile Set Edit

    Sorry about that Celianna, I should have read more into it. I don't own the pack, so I can't actually help.
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    (SOLVED) Galv's Character Animations & Frames sprite problems

    OK, so I just typed up an essay's worth of a reply (btw I actually read the post about your problem prior to posting my own), then I realized that I didn't try taking the $ away in the test project I created yet (although I did in my actual game project). I did it, and bam, it worked... which...
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    Autorun on scriptcall?

    I'm not sure about the script call, but I'd suggest just doing it without the Hud Maker. Unless there's some reason why it's not applicable, you could always just use display picture in the event and do just a little image editing. Although, if someone finds the script call, you can do whatever...
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    Tile Set Edit

    removed Tell me if you can't download it, I'm not too sure how this attachment system works. Anyone can use it however they wish.
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    Character skin system?

    If the ultimate skill artwork is done without a script/plugin, then yeah, you can use the common event and set a conditional branch that checks for the switch. If it is done with a script/plugin, then you'll probably have to use an edited version of it that allows for conditional branching or...
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    (SOLVED) Galv's Character Animations & Frames sprite problems

    Hello, I'm having a rather infuriating time trying to get Galv's Character Animations working in RMMV. I've recently started drawing a 2 tile high, 6 frame character template sheet with the intention of using it with his character animations and frames that allow for 6 frame idle, walk, and run...
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    I'm reviving once again.

    I'm reviving once again.
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    Welcome to the community! Hope you have fun with the program  :)

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