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  • Thanks, google for putting together a random pixel art Olympics game in your logo that puts everything I've ever done to shame in pretty much every aspect. ;)
    Yep the ninja cat quest is pretty awesome not gonna lie :kaoswt:
    To be fair, they have billions of dollars to play with and probably paid a team of artists with masters degrees in everything an exorbitant amount of money to design that. If you could get even close to that, you'd be doing so with a tiny fraction of the resources.
    Fair point... it still stings a little that they just decide to go an do something so good on a whim with their billions :D
    Spent some time today checking out the shiny new engine's stuff. Now creating a completely empty default project template (I don't mean this as a critique of the assets, just nice to start clean).
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I typically ask this on my normal social media channels, but figured there may be good replies here. Anyone got any good horror movie recommendations? I've seen a lot, but I always love getting suggestions! Bonus points if you know which service it is streaming on (in the US) - bring on the spOoooOky!
 After a few distractions (and my annual rough second week of October), I’m getting back on track with my OMGC project.
 Am I overcomplicating it? Yes. Am I going to tone it down? Almost certainly not.
 At least the dialogue stuff is almost done. I need to do the map itself, and then all that’s left is combat.
 Getting there!
Creating 3D CGs for Cutscenes. :kaosalute:

I keep wanting to post every song I make for the game and have to hold back on that because at this rate, I'll have spoiled all the really good stuff lol..
DerniBorges wrote on TSR's profile.
Is there any way this plugin works with the big character, and the QSprite plugin? Using RTP chars, everything works fine, but the big ones, with QSprite, it's like that in the image, it doesn't reflect right. And there is, in the settings, an option to fix it. Thanks.

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