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    Rubescen's Tiles and Sprites (updated July 2019)

    I've add a number of tiles for use. See the first post.
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    Event - Which NPC (event) is talked to first changes the other.

    Glad it helped. And yes, just one switch is the base, but adding Self Switches can add dynamics. Keep it up!
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    Event - Which NPC (event) is talked to first changes the other.

    It sounds like you're on the right track from your description, although a screenshot would be easier to tell. In anycase, you should do something like this for each event:
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    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    @Archeia I got it up in time! A Demo of Opal. Forum: Itch: *edited to clarify this should be in the demo category!
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    RMMV Opal [RSE] - Demo/Beta Released

    As part of the Release Something Event I've got a demo/early access version of Opal up and running! Check it out at Technically most of the game's possible endings can be finished in the current iteration, but it still needs a lot of polish/balancing, bug...
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    Puzzle skills to learn

    You can have more than 15, the box just shows 15 slots , but once they are full you can keep adding and a scroll-bar will appear. (double click the bottom slot). Edit: as Poryg and melancholy-sama also beat me to say! :)
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    How to increase a variable with a skill in battle

    I don't want to discourage you from using javascript in the damage formula box to do this, but it's probably simpler to achieve this with a common event. Set up a common event which increases the variable associated with the skill. Each time the skill is used have the common event trigger...
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    Importing Tilesets

    Press F1 in the editor, or Help-> Contents -> documentation -> Asset Standards -> Tile Sets. Alternatively, just open up one of the RTP tilesets and take a look at how they are formatted/model over the top. Nice Pixel Art, btw.
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    Importing Tilesets

    From what I see in your sample you haven't formatted the tiles correctly for A2 so they are getting jumbled. I'd suggest taking a look at the asset standards in the help file, which shows how tiles link. But in general the A2 tiles are 2 horizontal by v6 vertical (98x144) for each tile. The top...
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    RMMV Opal [RSE] - Demo/Beta Released

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am a pretty mediocre artist, but it's been a lot of fun making assets none-the-less!
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    RMMV Opal [RSE] - Demo/Beta Released

    After many months of work and a move across the globe, I'm excited to introduce Opal - a fantasy rpg offering multiple progression paths and story outcomes. Update: The Demo/Early Access Version* is now available: Download (196mb) it at: Check it out and feel...
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    Glitched tileset?

    The tileset you linked is formatted for VXace. Older versions of RPGmaker use a smaller grid size (32x32) than MV (48x48), so that's probably the issue.
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    Button Press Timing Bar Plugin for MV

    I've never tried this, but if you're looking for an in battle plugin, SRD's Timed Attack Core seems to be along the lines of what you're requesting.
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    How to shade my map?

    That is one solution. However, for reference you can also just add the Layer information to the note section of map properties and it will auto load when you enter the map. Per Galv's plugin instructions: "In addition to using the plugin calls, you can setup layers on each map in the NOTE...
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    New to using Plugins confused on some things.

    You haven't followed any of the setup protocol for using action sequences. You should look over the instructions included with the plugin to see proper formatting. As the above poster said, Yanfly well documents and makes great videos of how to use their plugins. This tutorial may also be...

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