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  • Since I'm taking a 2 week break from fighterz/gaming all together, will be focusing on sprites again^^
    Taking a break from FighterZ, managed to rank up to Super Saiyan 3! Now, to get back to fundamentals as the rank is proving difficult...
    Hey Rukiri, been following your work for a while now and I love the way your goku is turning out. If possible, Id like to talk about a project I'm working on related to DBZ. If interested, please add me on discord: Jordan#1942
    I can show you some of the work there
    This is probably much better done via pm than through a public post.
    So... I can't change my avatar, keeps reverting to my current avatar regardless of size,
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    There have been several posts explaining that there is a forum software issue which is being looked into. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Looks like it has been fixed!
    For those who plan on doing A-RPGs with Rpg Maker MV please read this!

    - Your game will lag heavily if you have more than 10 enemies on screen... I literally require 30 minimum "resolution is 21:9 720p" 

    - RPG Maker currently has lag issues that you can't fix with plugins or source edits to pixi (I've tried and failed, and I'm not alone here).

    - Also, any special visual effects such as shaders will cause lag as well.

    There's a few ways to alleviate screen lag, create a custom screen camera and cap each screen enemy count to <9, depending on your general map size it's probably best for 1 screen to be 1/4th your resolution size.  Won't fit much, but will solve the issue.  

    Here's where my ABS currently lags.

    - 3 Allies and 1 main hero all simultaneously using a projectile attack, add to the fact that 10 enemies lag the game (dipping fps from 60 down to the 30s...) add 4 projectiles or a long ranged beam attack(that's continuous) and your game is running at 38fps...

    - Custom knockback when a projectile or a melee attack is used on the player/allies or enemy. 

    (I look for where the hero/allies or enemy hit a hitbox then send it either straight or diagonal in the opposite direction but retaining it's current facing direction)

    let's all pray 1.3.3 or 4.0 fixes the lag issues at least the knockback issue.
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    But have you implemented anything useful with them?
    Wouldn't it be weird if I didn't? :D
    I built my whole preloading circle around them. Which by default may not sound like much, since Javascript loads resources asynchronously, but I was also dealing with encryption, so it helped me alleviate the pressure a great deal.
    The web workers have, true, a pretty limited functionality, because they can't access global variables and DOM, but I also find it useful in small tasks that I would normally repeat in game loop. For example (exaggeration) tracking values of 10 variables in my game loop would lag my game, so I offload them to a web worker. Variables reach certain height - I send message back to game loop.
    Menu face 1 done... dang... got so many more to do.

    Hey uh...god, I need about infinite amount of time or a time, or a clone.. yea a clone would be perrrrfect.
    You know what sucks about moving? Moving into a temporary place that's so small you have to give up any work that requires mouse precision...and that includes pixel art, web design, thankfully not programming, and most of all... level design!!\

    I can't wait to move into a house at the end of summer!!!

    In the meantime, time to look for a table to at least work on sprites and start my portfolio site!
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    I also have to give up FPS games as well.. I'm just a target basically.  Still ironic that I still dominate "sometimes" in CS:GO though ^O^

    Should I make a community template?  I can't stop but go up in sprite size... just when I thought I found the perfect size...
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    Nice! I am working a DBZ project too. You did a nice job.
    There is an unlimited supply of cloud food up here! woops... I spoke too much!
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