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  1. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    You had right! I'm Sorry xD But I'm wondering why before it works with the arrow keys, but when I use the Mouse then it won't work?
  2. (Yanfly Plugin: Item Core)

    I was really blind :O thx for your help. Thread can be closed
  3. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Really nice Plugin :) I found something: If you stay on the bridge and u use the touch interface from a smartphone, than u can jumpt from region tile 16 to region tile 17. Am I to stupid to use it right or is it like this?
  4. For the love of god, I can't make under and over bridges for the life of me

    Best tipp ever. I didn't do this step with Shift-Rightklick to copy the borders <(^.^<).....(>^.^)>
  5. (Yanfly Plugin: Item Core)

    Hi all I'd Like to make the Game full in German. So how can I rename the "use" and "Augments" in the picture below? I guess I founded the Augments, but i dont know where I should change the "use" Thanks for ur Help :)
  6. Name Input

    @Andar Is there a possibility to display a backspace button or to change a unused letter to backspace? I'm looking for a few days and i didn't found any solutions (plugins, google, this forum) I Ask because id like to use this feature for mobile devices and at the moment i cant delete a...

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Unfortunately, while trying to run an app I needed (curse you, Adobe!), my laptop blacked out, so my data got wiped when I got it repaired. Stuff like facesets are saved in my drive, but my sprites now only exist as screenshots I've taken in the past :kaocry:To be fair, I'm a little relieved, since I've been feeling unsatisfied with the visual style of the character sprites, and I guess I can now revamp them?

after lot's of edits to Mike's attacks (to make it seamless with movement, no EX versions, cost 1-ups), I finally got combo skills to work. had to do a lot moving tho to get the combo list to appear where it is lol. that actually took longer than setting up the moves.
What's kind of amazing is I've been in a developmental rut for the LONGEST time but putting a music mix on of video game soundtracks and specifically hearing the VX Ace music come up and it's nostalgia of me being excited to make my first game has REALLY got me going again!
Finally finished my tiefling!

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