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  • ARPG game passive states feature - Books
    1,Add passive exp/gold/loot bonus
    2,Summon additional ally for the battle(shown in the video)
    3,Additional lighting in the darkness(not shown in the video)

    I have put some game tips on the left/right black area of full screen window
    Is it good?
    yes and no.

    yes, if you have a bunch of options and map retain the same
    width, it can be really helpfull.

    no, if not and different width, you can also make it toggle able
    with a press of a button.

    but it looks really cool though.
    that's a bit much to take in..
    Also you could implement this onto an event that can toggle this.
    For me it's to much information at once.

    ARPG Partners system for Soul Hero Adventure
    Basic Features:
    1,Partners unlock/change
    2,Partners eventing AI(Attack/Follow/Guard)

    Combat Features:
    1,Basic attacks/advanced attacks
    2,Partners TP attacks
    (The video has shown 5 TP attacks)
    • Love
    Reactions: ShadowDragon
    that really looks sick, specially around the 2min.
    keep up the good work though.
    (freaking awesome what you do!)
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    Reactions: RyanYe

    it's 100% done
    The player can pick up the cards in the middle of the ARPG battle. (Game will pause)
    The player can choose one out of random six(total of 20) and that card will take effect immediately!

    The basic attacks have been improved by hidden perks(Soul Hero Adventure)
    1,Multiple Curved-Laser attacks
    2,Light ball falling deals massive AOE damage
    3,Homing light balls go through enemies and deal rapid damage

    Skill Features(Soul Hero Adventure)
    1,Summon 3 Self-Rotating Thunder orbs connected with lightning bolts
    2,Damage enemies when contacting
    3,Launch thunder projectiles that bound near the player
    4,Projectile will pierce through enemies and deal lightning damage

    Soul Hero Adventure - Orbs of wingman
    1,Rapid Auto-fire orbs aimed at player cursors(The square in the video)
    2,Warning when remaining time is less than 4 sec
    3,Disappear when time runs out

    New Boss Attacks for Soul Hero Adventure:
    1,Aim and shoot
    2,Boulders falling frenzy
    3,Throwing Fireballs
    4,Chasing Magical Traps
    5,Lasers attack of 360-degree

    Deal 300% damage to all enemies within 8 tiles and burn them for 6s
    The oblivion will last for 8 seconds
    The oblivion beam will fork into 2 beams
    Give player a protective sphere that absorbs 30% damage for 30s
    Player completely immunes to all negative effects for 10s
    Player completely invulnerable to all damage for 6s

    Darkness: Damage to all nearby enemies and blind them
    Darkness:Unleash 2 deadly homing hollow vortex
    Darkness:3 vines of darkness will be spawned
    Darkness:Repeat this horrible attack for 2nd time

    Cure:The 15% of HP will be healed
    Cure:Recover additional HP from MP
    Cure:Cleanse all negative effects
    Cure:Cancel all hostile projectiles


    my 2nd talent tree is now done!
    All the talents are fully tested and operational, but recording them all will cost me more time.
    So I uploaded two screenshots for those who want to take a glimpse first.

    Next week or the week after next week, I will upload videos to show how this talent tree works in my ARPG game
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