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    Redraw Battle HUD

    Thanks a ton!
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    Redraw Battle HUD

    There are 5 actors on screen. Actor #5, let's call him Jim. Jim's face shows on the UI. Actor #5 switches to Betty. Jim's face still shows on the UI.  (I'm talking about how the five actors faces are displayed at the bottom, with their HP/MP/TP gauges and name) How do you refresh the UI?
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    Redraw Battle HUD

    Okay hopefully this is a quick fix, basically I have a common event that switches party members in the middle of battle with a skill and the actor changes and the sideview holder battler changes but the actual actor on the battler hud at the bottom stays the same. Anyway to force the battler hud...
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    Jitter's stuffs!

    Hey! I think these look absolutely amazing! Do you think you could make a holder-style animated battlesheet/charset for an actor in a black-and-yellow robe that wields a sword in one hand and a tome the other? Also, can they be wearing a hood so that you can't see their face at all or even be...
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    Some problems I need help with...

    I tried removing every other non luna engine and non yanfly script, and then even all of the manfully scripts not directly related, and even in a new project. I think there's a bug in the code of YEA-Compatabile because it's impossible to get luna engine + the target help window of yanfly battle...
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    Some problems I need help with...

    Really sorry for the late reply, I haven't been able to get back to my computer. So #1:    See the window at the top? Let's call it the target window. This script is supposed to make YEA compatible, but the variable :target_help is set to false which disables that target window. I want...
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    Some problems I need help with...

    Ok I ended up fixing #1, #2 is just a bummer, and now #3 works, so thanks. Unfortunately there's some other problems as well now :/ 1-The enemy target window of Yanfly's battle is gone. I saw the variable in YEA-Compatabile that relates to it was set to false. (The variable is :target_help)...
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    Some problems I need help with...

    Hey so I've really been enjoying the Luna Engine so far, I just have a few problems with my battle UI now that I've been adding Luna to it. #1 Animations - I have all the actor faces moved down to the bottom, and now whenever an animation plays over a face in the Battler HUD, it's not aligned...
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    Riley (Demo now available)

    Created by: Armand Miguel Acri (IndieGameJudge) Dropbox Download (v1.11): Workshop Link (Please rate!): Story Synopsis: You, (use the in-game character customizer to...
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    Riley (Demo now available)

    Created by: Armand Miguel Acri (IndieGameJudge) Dropbox Download (v1.02): Workshop Link (Please rate!): Story Synopsis: You, (use the in-game character customizer to...
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    I loved this series omg

    I loved this series omg
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    State Spreading

    If there is a problem with having a dead character go berserk copy the common event and have 4 different ones, one for each actor that makes he other three add berserk. Glad to be of help. Edit: Oh in that case you can just have the common event turn on switches and/or use parallel process...
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    Sup everyone just made an account,Need Help!

    I don't know about windows but I'm a Mac rpg maker user and I use preview to resize images due to the rescale feature which allows you to change size without losing quality/becoming blurry by maintaining the aspect ratio/proportions. Try to find a windows program with this feature, it will save...
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    Need help creating a Skill

    [/SPOILER]Example 2: Both of those do exactly the same thing, but the first example was considered very wasteful and inefficient. The second example, being much more terse, was considered far better coding style. Today, we're somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, for the most part...
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    State Spreading

    Cool idea. You can use yanfly death events script. Instal the script and add the note tag to the actor 1 <death event: x> where x is the id of a common event. In the common event, just change actor2 state: add berserk...

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