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    Sakan Refuses to Open New MV Project

    Some tests I did with previous versions of MV on Windows seem to corroborate this idea, as Sakan still did not function on versions 1.4.1, 1.5.1, and 1.5.2, as well as the current version. Do note that I did not roll back any further for more extensive tests. Though you would think if it was...
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    Sakan Refuses to Open New MV Project

    Attempted various times following fresh installs, integrity verification, running as admin, restarts, etc. I find that, when I run Sakan through RPG Maker MV, the tool functions as expected - I can click Options, Contents, and About, etcetera; however, when I click the 'Open MV Project' button...
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    [Advent Day 1]Avy's MZ Stuff

    Belated, but many happy returns! I have been following your work for 5 years now and you always produce high-quality work, oft of the variety that, once you have seen it, makes you wonder how you ever did without. Cheers!
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    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hi, I'd like my username to be changed to {RyeBreadedCooder}, please.

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