This is a story of a woman named Ry.

Ry worked for a large retail chain where she would get regularly pulled from her little Lawn and Garden (and Christmas) corner to work and run other parts of the store. The main reason is that Ry remember more than anyone else and could work incredibly fast without the proper tools such as scanners that would tell people where things were. There was also the reason of register numbers that were in great use throughout the year.

As such, Ry believed that she would be able to pull the same feat to make her games. Give her the time, and she would be able to learn significantly enough to make what she wanted. Of course, unlike her job where she was there five out of seven days, she's barely been able to work on it for a couple of hours per week. That is without the constant distractions of other games, stories, shows and movies that constantly divert her attention. Include chores that need to be done, and her ability to work is practically non-existent.

Well, we'll just have to change that, now. Won't we?
December 28
USA, Mid-ugh
About Me
I have approximate knowledge of most things.
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Primarily Uses
adventures, mysteries, puzzles, stories, horror, sci fi,
'omniscient' retail worker




I keep thinking you're supposed to actually sign these blocks.

First Case Space on Hold
Shiny Pictures thread

I am also on: Wordpress. Twitter. GameJolt. Itch.io. Steam. RPGMaker.net.



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