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  • running low on creativity when it comes to damage formulas. anyone have any tips or have ones for me to try?
    Create an annihilating attack that squares the atk and subtracts the def. Must repeat 9 times.

    Else, try creating a thorns attack that depends on the users def and hp.
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    Heroes Stories now has a fully completed demo version of the game. Let me know if anyone is interested. I am eagerly looking for feedback!!
    Finally got back to rpg making. my newest project "Heroes Stories" has a demo ready if anyone is interested.
    Thinking about new battle systems to try out. any suggestions?
    That Bread
    That Bread
    I suggest Victors! So many options with this one.
    I have uploaded some stuff onto my rpgmkaer.net profile. please do check it out and tell me what you guys think. advice and other suggestions would really be appreciated thanks to everyone ^^
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Working on a case. Get all the evidence to prosecute some bad guys. :kaojoy:
But, the game development schedule delayed. :kaoswt2:
The moral of the story: No good deed goes unpunished... I guess...
Except that, nothing to see here. :kaoswt2:
just beat ff7 original for the first time since 2010. having played remake last year, I have a much better appreciation for the original oddly enough. I still like some of the character presentation in remake more, but the original's got a lot going for it.
Ever reach that moment in your life when your juggling a dozen or more projects that you know will never be made but don't have the heart to delete them? Ugh, I hate those moments...
:kaosigh: Why must you hurt me so?
my main character isn't the warrior of light or the chosen one, he's a self righteous, invasive try hard who gets ahead of himself and makes a critical error, resulting in a downward moral spiral that, eventually, leads him to truths that make him a better man, and im DAMN proud of that.

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