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  • running low on creativity when it comes to damage formulas. anyone have any tips or have ones for me to try?
    Create an annihilating attack that squares the atk and subtracts the def. Must repeat 9 times.

    Else, try creating a thorns attack that depends on the users def and hp.
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    Heroes Stories now has a fully completed demo version of the game. Let me know if anyone is interested. I am eagerly looking for feedback!!
    Finally got back to rpg making. my newest project "Heroes Stories" has a demo ready if anyone is interested.
    Thinking about new battle systems to try out. any suggestions?
    That Bread
    That Bread
    I suggest Victors! So many options with this one.
    I have uploaded some stuff onto my rpgmkaer.net profile. please do check it out and tell me what you guys think. advice and other suggestions would really be appreciated thanks to everyone ^^
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What does your project folder look like?
I was told that an iPhone can provide a personal internet hotspot...You learn something new everyday!
Will probably never use MZ. Buys it anyway
Been playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the remastered version on PS4. I like it. Seems others think it's garbage, but I like these cutesy, silly, and tropey characters. Having waaaay more fun with it than SO: Integrity and Faithlessness.

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